Kristina Goikoetxea Langarika (Basque Country, 1971) has been living in the Netherlands since 1995. After completing a degree in Translation Studies at the University of Granada, she received a scholarship to study Dutch Literature at the University of Leiden. She received consecutive scholarships and graduated in Dutch Studies at Leiden University in 1999.  
Following this, Kristina completed a graduation thesis at the University of Cape Town. During the six months of research and thesis-related writing in Cape Town, Kristina embarked on the translation into the Spanish language of 'Die ding in die vuur' (The thing in the fire) – a contemporary work authored by the South African writer Riana Scheepers. It was at that time that she started as a journalist for various cultural magazines writing in both the Basque as well as the Spanish language. As a consequence of her growing desire to narrate her own stories, Kristina took the entrance exam to the Writers's School at the School of Art in Utrecht: "During the two years I spent at that school, I was luck y enough to have lessons with teachers that were a continual source of inspiration such as Edward van de Vendel, who later became my mentor and Kader Abdolah, who taught me that "the Dutch language is free" and that I can also use it'. Kristina has been working as a cultural journalist and translator in Amsterdam for seven years now.